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"When I recently wrote and directed
a charity night which included a short mockumentary film, I asked Meryl if she would read the Voice Over. We discussed how I saw the project and Meryl very quickly came up with excellent ideas as to how she would play our VO. The resulting Scottish accent with some approved
ad-libbing, was very entertianing, funny and was well received
at the performance!


I would highly
recommend Meryl.
Vikki Sheltonwriter and director

Meryl Vincent
british voiceover artist

+44 (0)7711 388889

"Add colour to your voice"




"My voice flows from highs to lows"
Hello and welcome to
my site

My name is Meryl Vincent, I am
a British Voiceover Artist
specialising in corporate, e-learning, commercial, telephony and characterisation.
I will be very happy to discuss any projects you may have that you feel would suit my vocal range.

Please click on the link below and listen to my showreel.


"Communication is everything"

"Smile with
your voice"

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+44(0)7711 388889

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